U.S. Cops Need to Ask “Wait, Are We the Bad Guys?”

A letter to the editor of The British Friend from its issue:

The Income Tax and the War

It would be interesting to know whether the conscience of Friends is clear in paying the increased income tax, which is doubtless caused by the restless Foreign policy and Militaryism of the Government. The excuse Friends have, till lately, had, that it was impossible to separate the civil from the military expenses will hardly avail now, as the difference between the old and new tax will represent the difference between a policy of peace and one of war. I believe Friends would direct public opinion into a very practical channel by refusing to pay the increased tax. It may be useful to know that the collector cannot distrain without a competent appraiser, and that he must leave an inventory of goods, sell by public auction, make a statement of realisation, and return any balance which may accure. There can be little doubt that the buyers of the goods would be few.

I am, respectfully,

This would have been around the time of what the British call the Second Afghan War.