Mary Anthony: If a Woman Can’t Vote, You Won’t Get My Taxes

The Friends’ Intelligencer for summarized some news from the Woman’s Journal as follows:

Mary Anthony’s Protest

Miss Mary S. Anthony, of Rochester, N.Y., who not long ago subscribed the last $2,000 needed to secure the admission of girls to the University of Rochester, has notified the county treasurer that she will refuse to pay her taxes, on the ground that she is not permitted to vote, and that there should be no taxation without representation. Miss Anthony is that sister of Susan B. Anthony of whom a relative once said, “Susan could always preach, but Mary practices.” In Rochester alone 9,991 women pay taxes on $28,672,974 worth of property.

In answer, it is pointed out that minors, aliens, idiots, and insane persons are taxed, yet not allowed to vote.

Apparently, Anthony later dropped her refusal and decided to pay under protest instead — enclosing letters of protest to the City and County Treasurers’ offices with her checks.