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An explanation for how this got here, and an outpouring of praise
Cardiff Giant, Piltdown Man, Shroud of Turin, Book of Mormon, etc.
Bakunin, Berkman, deCleyre, Goldman, Kropotkin, Spooner, Thoreau, etc.
Arm The Homeless
Being armed is never more important than when you’re on the streets
Art Forgery
Pavel Jerdanowich, Hans van Meegeren, Elmyr de Hory, etc.
Help snigglers find their way with our Jammer Banners
Barbie Liberation
The surgical strikes of the Barbie Liberation Organization
Hakim Bey
Sources for on-line writings of poetic terrorist Hakim Bey
Jello Biafra
Dead Kennedys lyricist and singer, mayoral candidate, spoken word artist, prankster
Billboard Liberation
Photos of many a successfully liberated billboard
Breaching Experiments
The curious “breaching experiments” of ethnomethodology
Chalkboard Liberation
New and improved billboard liberation
David Bowman
Conned the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency out of a cool $6 million
Campus Pranks
Tomfoolery within the hallowed halls of higher education.
Canadian Geese
The jet bomber tests over Indian territory? Oh, they’ve been moved.
The Clam
What happens when you invent a venereal disease and plant disinformation far and wide
William Horace de Vere Cole
The prankster behind the Dreadnought hoax
Commerce Jamming
Barbie Liberation Organization, Adbusters, candied poison, etc.
Sniggling the Cops
Using sniggling techniques to flummox the police
Do what you love, the money will follow
Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, witchhunts, aliens, etc.
Dick Tuck
The prankster who haunted Nixon
Ruth Drown
And her radionic Homo-Vibra Ray
Drug Dogs
Drug Sniffing Dogs an American Tragedy
Election Jamming
Sniggling the democratic process
Elmyr de Hory
One of the greatest art forgers of our time
Elvis Schmeidekamp
Has a Posse
Exotic Plants
Heinous welsh squash, variegated obsequium, Thompson’s felchings, etc.
Fake Folx
Luther Blissett, George Psalmanazar, Princess Caraboo, etc.
Franklin’s Parody
Benjamin Franklin’s cunning parody of the pro-slavery argument
Interview With a Sniggler
The man behind sniggle.net talks about culture jamming
No Suspects; No Motive
Broken Glass Stumps Public Safety
The Great God Hoax
Scientology, Subgenius, Brother Jed, creationism, etc.
Guerrilla Hacks
Arm the Homeless, TV Nation, The School Stopper’s Textbook, etc.
Gulf War Conscription Hoax
Boys of Canada; we need your expendable bodies!
DeCSS, the trojan cow, etoy.com, Zaps Net, etc.
Handy Politicians
The epidemic of youth masturbation continues.
Hitler Diaries
How Konrad Kujau forged history.
Abbie Hoffman
Yippie rabble-rouser and freak and inspiration to us all
Brian G. Hughes
Got rich and started poking fun at conspicuous consumptives
I, Libertine
Jean Shepherd’s fictional fiction
Milli Vanilli, Waldo Demara, George DuPre, Stephen Weinberg, etc.
The campus ministry of Brother Jed.
Lambda Sigma Delta
A fake frat hits the letters-to-the-editor section
The Laundry Solution
Think placebos were only useful in medicine? Think again!
Li Peng Step Down!
A subversive message hidden in a patriotic poem
Literary Forgeries
Report from Iron Mountain, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, etc.
Luddism On-line
John Zerzan, Kirkpatrick Sale, Ted Kaczynski, General Ludd
Mellow Yellow
Did you know you can get really high by smoking banana peels?
Millard's Bathtub
H.L. Mencken’s news hoax about America’s first bathtubs
The Realist, the voice of James Earl Jones, the Philadelphia Experiment, etc.
A Modest Proposal
Report from Iron Mountain, The Shortest Way with Dissenters, etc.
The Municipal Logging Hoax
Bringing clear-cutting home
Musical Spoofs
Soy Bomb, Piotr Zak, NegativLand, pirate radio, Fritz Kreisler, etc.
News Trolls
Joey Skaggs, Alan Abel, Arm the Homeless, Michael Born, etc.
Organized Nonsense
Provos, Lettrists, SRL, FC, MNK, Rosicrucians, Team 7, etc.
Performance Art
The Pieman, O.J. Simpson, Emperor Norton, Lord Buckley, etc.
Pranking Signs
Cum Rag Elmo; Quite a Pal
Your Privacy
And our privacy policy here at sniggle.net
Perpetual motion, snake-oil, flat-earth theories, dihydrogen monoxide, etc.
P.T. Barnum
To the Prince of Humbugs
Quadro Tracker
A high-tech dowsing rod sold to the cops to help them search for drugs
Scams & Frauds
Capitalism, bubbles, Ponzi schemes, ZZZZ Best, P.T. Barnum, etc.
September Morn
How Harry Reichenbach used Anthony Comstock for a publicity stunt
The San Luis Obispo Cacophony Society
A curious and fabricated school of poetry
Stockholm Syndrome
This explains a lot
Strange Behavior
New Morrissey Single: Soy Bomber on Fire
Telemarketing Fun
Don’t waste your opportunity when a telemarketing worm calls
Theory & Advocacy
Hakim Bey, William S. Burroughs, Soy Bomb Nation, Groucho Marxism, etc.
The Trickster
Loki, Bugs Bunny, Coyote, Nasreddin Hodja, Legba, Tyl Ulenspiegel, etc.
Hugh Troy
The hall-of-fame practical joker from Cornell University
Graffiti, billboard liberation, crop circles, art sabotage, etc.
Wanted: Rabid Pigs
Extrajudicial state killers get the state to sue their accusers
Who'll Cop to It
An official warning about police brutality
William S. Burroughs
Index to on-line works by Old Bull Lee
William Voigt
The crafty Captain von Köpenick

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