Ontological Anarchy

The Writings of Hakim Bey
Courtesy of the Hermetic Library
Advertisement by Hakim Bey — also here
A preface of sorts to “Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchy”
Against Multiculturalism by Peter Lamborn Wilson
“Let there be no mistake: multiculturalism is a strategy designed to save ‘America’ as an idea, and as a system of social control… The trouble is that the theory itself emanates neither from the Right nor Left nor Center. It emanates from the top. It’s a theory of control.”
Aimless Wandering: Chuang Tzu’s Chaos Linguistics by Hakim Bey
“Does Taoism have a ‘metaphysics’?”
Amour Fou by Hakim Bey
“Amour fou is not a Social Democracy, it is not a Parliament of Two. The minutes of its secret meetings deal with meanings too enormous but too precise for prose.”
Applied Hedonics by Hakim Bey
Architectonality of Psychogeographicism or The Hieroglyphics of Driftwork by Hakim Bey
“Who can blame us for harboring both a nostalgia & and insurrectionary desire for the narrow winding alleys, shadowy steps, covered ways & tunnels, middens & cellars of a city which has designed itself — organically, unconsciously — within an æsthetic of festive & secret conviviality, & of the curvacious negentropic mutability of memory itself?”
Art Sabotage by Hakim Bey
A.S. goes beyond paranoia, beyond deconstruction — the ultimate criticism — physical attack on offensive art — aesthetic jihad… A.S. seeks to damage institutions which use art to diminish consciousness & profit by delusion… MUZAK is designed to hypnotize & control — its machinery can be smashed.”
The Assassins by Hakim Bey
“The attar of Hassan-i Sabbah’s propaganda seeps into the criminal dreams of ontological anarchism, the heraldry of our obsessions displays the luminous black outlaw banners of the Assassins.”
BEY TALK 18. 3. 95 by Hakim Bey
An interview with Hakim Bey and users of Public Netbase — 18 March 1995.
Boundary Violations by Hakim Bey — also here, and here
“New professional jargon always provides the semanticist/sociologist a golden opportunity to unpack hidden political and psychological content from tell-tale words and phrases — and ‘boundary violation’ is a veritable trick suitcase — a richness of embarrassments.”
Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism by Hakim Bey — also here
A collection of essays first published in 1985.
Chaos by Hakim Bey
“Not only have the chains of Law been broken, they never existed; demons never guarded the stars, the Empire never got started, Eros never grew a beard.”
Chaos Myths by Hakim Bey
“In our world Chaos has been overthrown by younger gods, moralists, phallocrats, banker-priests, fit lords for serfs. If rebellion proves impossible then at least a kind of clandestine spiritual jihad might be launched.”
Crime by Hakim Bey
“The Law waits for you to stumble on a mode of being, a soul different from the FDA-approved purple-stamped standard dead meat — & as soon as you begin to act in harmony with nature the Law garottes & strangles you — so don’t play the blessed liberal middleclass martyr — accept the fact that you’re a criminal & be prepared to act like one.”
Communiques of the Association for Ontological Anarchy by Hakim Bey — also here
Eleven essential guides to immediate living.
The Criminal Bee by Hakim Bey
“Since Nietzsche’s time law has perhaps mutated from a complex but many-dimensional tool of the oppressor class to the subtle, fatal, all-pervasive self-image of the spectacle.”
Cybernetics & Entheogenics: From Cyberspace to Neurospace by Peter Lamborn Wilson — also here
“The internet is interesting to me because it seems to have a liberatory potential — we want to find out its psychedelic aspect. I personally am getting more and more pessimistic; the trajectories all seem to end in a reduction of our autonomy.”
The Dinner Party by Hakim Bey
Evil Eye by Hakim Bey
“The Evil Eye — mal occhio — truly exists, & modern western culture has so deeply repressed all knowledge of it that its effects overwhelm us & are mistaken for something else entirely.”
Extra Quotes by Hakim Bey
Globalism, Tribalism and Autonomy
A conversation between Peter Lamborn Wilson and Konrad Becker
“Gone to Croatan” by Hakim Bey
“We have no desire to define the TAZ or to elaborate dogmas about how it must be created.”
Hakim Bey vs. Enzo23
An interview by Enzo23
Hakim Bey: The Taz and You
An interview by Bruce Young from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6
The Information War by Peter Lamborn Wilson — also here, and here, and in RealAudio
“Once the image of Heaven on Earth, the state now consists of no more than the management of images. It is no longer a ‘force’ but a disembodied pattering of information.”
Interview with Hakim Bey
“As the Red Queen told Alice in Wonderland, you have to entertain six impossible ideas before breakfast.”
Islam and the Internet: Net-religion, a War in Heaven by Peter Lamborn Wilson
“It is extremely obvious to me that the internet is a religious phenomenon.”
Jubilee Saints Project
Nominate a Jubilee Saint: Pick up your form on-line!
The Lemonade Ocean & Modern Times: A Position Paper by Hakim Bey
“The autonomy of the individual appears to be complemented & enhanced by the movement of the group; while the effectiveness of the group seems to depend on the freedom of the individual.”
Manifesto of the Black Thorn League by Hakim Bey
Bring the snakes back to Ireland!
Media Creed for the Fin de Siecle by Hakim Bey
“The last thing we need in this struggle are more naïve theories about seizing the media or boring from within or liberating the airwaves. Give me one example of a radical take-over of major media, and I’ll shut up and apply for a job at PBS, or start looking around for a few million dollars.”
Media Hex: The Occult Assault on Institutions by Hakim Bey — also here, and here
“I discuss the use of both magic and computers because both exist in the world I inhabit, and both will be used in the liberating struggle.”
Media-Space! Opening Speech by Peter Lamborn Wilson
“The Internet is so new, the computer itself is so new that it has this kind of magic aura, a halo around it. Out of that feeling, there came certain expectations that were almost messianic: the feeling that the Internet was going to save us, that the Internet was out of control.”
Millennium by Hakim Bey
“Either we accept ourselves as the ‘last humans,’ or else we accept ourselves as the opposition. (Either automonotony — or autonomy.)”
Moorish Mail-Order Mysticism by Hakim Bey
“There’s something magical about the mail — voices from the Unseen — documents as amulets — and something very american, democratic & self-reliant — mysterious urban folklore — old ads for AMORC in crumbling yellow magazines…”
Music as an Organizational Principle by Hakim Bey
The Net and the Web by Hakim Bey
The No Go Zone by Hakim Bey — also here, and here
“I may very well be romanticizing the NGZ as a possible utopian topos or site — but then again, I might be inclined to defend the occasional usefulness of romanticism: — it beats despair. The NGZ is on the way, whether we dread it or romanticize it.”
Nonja (Simian æsthetics) by Peter Lamborn Wilson
Concerning Orang Utan Lady Nonja, the famous expressionist painter from the Viennese Zoo.
The Obelisk by Hakim Bey
“The fact is that any map will fit any territory… given sufficient violence… These complexes are nothing but unreal estate, properties to be stripped of assets, vampirized for imagery, propped up to keep the marks in line, manipulated for profit — but not taken seriously by grown-ups.”
Obsessive Love: An Introduction by Hakim Bey
“Religion forbids sexuality, thus investing denial with glamour; capital withdraws sexuality, infusing it with despair… Romance will become the perfect two-dimensional obsession of the popular song and the advertisement, serving the utopian trace within the infinite reproduction of the commodity.”
Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory by Hakim Bey
“If conspiracy theory is essentially right-wing, it can only be so because it posits a view of History as the work of individuals rather than groups… Anarchism posits that elites are simply carried by the flow of History and that their belief in their own power and agency is pure illusion…. Maybe conspiracies don’t work. But we have to act as if they do work.”
Overcoming Tourism by Hakim Bey
“Anyone who’s ever witnessed a phalanx of Americans or a busload of Japanese advancing on some ruin or ritual must have noticed that even their collective gaze is mediated by the medium of the camera’s multi-faceted eye, and that the multiplicity of cameras, videocams, and recorders forms a complex of shiny clicking scales in an armor of pure mediation.”
Paganism by Hakim Bey
“Paganism has not yet invented laws — only virtues.”
The Palimpsest — The palimpsestic theory of theory by Hakim Bey — also here, and here
“This essay will be printed in the catalog of a gallery exhibition, thus perpetuating the irony of calling for the suppression and realization of art from within the very structure that perpetuates the alienation of the non-artist and the fetishization of the artwork. Well, fuck irony.”
Permanent TAZs by Hakim Bey — also here
“Certain cracks in the Babylonian Monolith appear so vacant that whole groups can move into them and settle down.”
Pirate Rant by Hakim Bey
Pirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes by Peter Lamborn Wilson
From the 16th to the 19th century, Moslem corsairs from the Barbary Coast ravaged European shipping and enslaved many thousands of unlucky captives. During this period, however, thousands of Europeans also converted to Islam and joined the pirate ‘holy war.’ Were these men (and women) the scum of the seas, apostates, traitors — ‘Renegadoes’? Or did they abandon and betray Christendom as a praxis of social resistance?
Poetic Terrorism by Hakim Bey
“Weird dancing in all-night computer-banking lobbies. Unauthorized pyrotechnic displays. Land-art, earth-works as bizarre alien artifacts strewn in State Parks. Burglarize houses but instead of stealing, leave Poetic-Terrorist objects. Kidnap someone & make them happy. Pick someone at random & convince them they’re the heir to an enormous, useless & amazing fortune…”
Pornography by Hakim Bey
“If rulers refuse to consider poems as crimes, then someone must commit crimes that serve the function of poetry, or texts that possess the resonance of terrorism… Pornography has a measurable physical effect on its readers. Like propaganda it sometimes changes lives because it uncovers true desires.”
Primitives and Extropians by Hakim Bey — also here, and here
A critique of anarcho-primitivism.
The Psychotopology of Everyday Life by Hakim Bey
“The last bit of Earth unclaimed by any nation-state was eaten up in 1899.”
Pyrotechnics by Hakim Bey
“Invented by the Chinese but never developed for war — a fine example of Poetic Terrorism — a weapon used to trigger æsthetic shock rather than kill… gunpowder more useful to frighten malign demons, delight children, fill the air with brave & risky-smelling haze.”
Query: Irish Soma? by Peter Lamborn Wilson
“I wouldn’t even begin to argue that we have ‘detected’ an Irish Soma. What we have here is a mere suspicion, not a case.”
Radio Sermonettes by Hakim Bey — also here
Radio Sermonettes of the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade Collective.
Seduction of the Cyber Zombies by Hakim Bey
Ratholes in the Babylon of Information by Hakim Bey
“The TAZ must be the scene of our present autonomy, but it can only exist on the condition that we already know ourselves as free beings.”
SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber by Hakim Bey
“All this may seem overly-complex to anyone unfamiliar with the Moorish Orthodox Church’s long-established policy of deliberate syncretism, positive ‘heresy,’ anti-hierarchalism and anti-authoritarianism… We take our stand at the nexus where religion becomes æsthetic, festal, ludic, and creative — a source and power for freedom, for both the individual and the group.”
Sorcery by Hakim Bey
“The Universe wants to play. Those who refuse out of dry spiritual greed & choose pure contemplation forfeit their humanity — those who refuse out of dull anguish, those who hesitate, lose their chance at divinity — those who mold themselves blind masks of Ideas & thrash around seeking some proof of their own solidity end by seeing out of dead men’s eyes.”
Summer Land — The Periodic Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey — also here, and here
“The summer camp is not the war, not even a strategy — but it is a tactic. And unmediated pleasure, after all, is still its own excuse.”
The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey — also here
A number of essays, some of which are also listed separately.
The Tong by Hakim Bey
“A Tong can perhaps be defined as a mutual benefit society for people with a common interest which is illegal or dangerously marginal — hence, the necessary secrecy.”
Tong Aesthetics, or the City of Willows by Hakim Bey — also here
“The poesis of a legend for our Tong is no petty business. It concerns the surface but is far from being ‘superficial.’ ”
A telephone interview (25 June 1995) by Mordecai Watts
The Utopian Blues by Hakim Bey — also here
“The low caste of the musician will of course be dissolved in utopia — but somehow a certain untouchability will linger, a certain dandyism, a pride.”
Waiting for the Revolution by Hakim Bey
“In sum, realism demands not only that we give up waiting for ‘the Revolution’ but also that we give up wanting it.”
Wild Children by Hakim Bey
“To embrace disorder both as wellspring of style & voluptuous storehouse, a fundamental of our alien & occult civilization, our conspiratorial esthetic, our lunatic espionage — this is the action (let’s face it) either of an artist of some sort, or of a ten- or thirteen-year-old.”
The Will to Power as Disappearance by Hakim Bey
“Here I wish to suggest that the TAZ is in some sense a tactic of disappearance.”

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