I’m Fielding Lots of Media Requests This Tax Season

It must be tax season. I had to tell a newspaper reporter, “hey, can I get back to you on that? I’ve got a radio interview coming up and I need to keep the line free.” I may need to get a press secretary to help me out during .

, war tax resisters are the lead article on the San Francisco Chronicle’s SF Gate site, and on the front page of the Chronicle’s business section. The article (“The tax bucks stop here”) features area tax resisters Dorothy Hansen, Elizabeth Boardman, Steve Leeds, and myself.

And yesterday, Susan Quinlan, Scott McCandless, Elizabeth Boardman, and myself were interviewed by Susan Galleymore for Raising Sand Radio. McCandless is one of those unusual conscientious tax resister / constitutionalist tax protester hybrids. He was using Irwin Schiff’s mad theories for a while, and now he has a new set that strike me as equally implausible.

But here’s the thing: the way he tells it, he’d racked up about $10,000 in unpaid taxes when he was doing things the Schiff way back in the day, and when the IRS finally caught up to him he agreed to an “offer in compromise” with them — $600. He paid $600 to erase $10,000 in unpaid taxes. Perhaps there’s a method to this madness after all.

War tax resister Paul Sheldon was interviewed for a tangent in a Justice Talking radio show on the subject of tax reform. He redirects $25 of his income tax each year from the U.S. Treasury to UNICEF.