News of Interest to Tax Resisters

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

  • First off, you may have heard some talk in the news about cuts to the Pentagon budget. You should be aware that it’s hooey. What the talk is really about is proposed reductions to the budget increases that the Pentagon had been hopefully anticipating. The Pentagon budget is still going up in both real and nominal dollars. This talk of “cuts” is like a sign in a store reading “25% Off our recently-doubled price!”
  • Richard Cebula and Edgar L. Feige have attempted to estimate the size of the underground economy in the United States. They estimate that 18–19% of legally-reportable income in the U.S. stays under-the-table, which translates to about half a trillion dollars in taxes each year that the IRS fails to collect. The IRS itself hasn’t attempted to measure this underground economy since .
  • The Greek “We Won’t Pay” movement, which is resisting the stealth tax the Greek government imposed in the form of sharply hiked utility rates, has notched up a victory in court, winning an injunction preventing the utility company from shutting off power to resisters who have refused to pay the extra amount in their bills.
  • Jerry DePyper has beefed up his Pro-life Strike Manifesto — which advocates tax resistance in the service of anti-abortion activism — since I last visited his site. It has a good overview of the whys and hows of tax resistance, with many parallels to the war tax resistance movement.