Links of Interest to Tax Resisters

Some short bits from here-and-there around the web:

  • The Get Rich Slowly blog recently highlighted Don Schrader, a low-income / simple-living war tax resister and Albuquerque-area local legend. At last count, there were 56 comments from people evaluating Schrader’s eccentric and dedicated lifestyle and the principles behind them.
  • The Colorado Springs Independent covers the war on war tax, and includes quotes from Peter Haney and Esther Kisamore.
  • The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, which factchecks the IRS, has again had to go to court to compel the agency to release figures about its audit process.
  • Expatriate satyagrahi tax resister Jeff Knaebel delivered a speech at the Gandhi Sixtieth Memorial in Pune . The text of the speech has been reprinted at Excerpt:

    Complete non-violence today would mean acquiescence in systematic destruction of the whole earth, and thus all of humanity with it. Some situations demand that we defend our land, our right to livelihood, and our lives with violent defensive action.

    Direct Action Today, I feel, however, is best expressed in self-restraint, in the quiet refusal to buy corporate products, in boycott, in self-reliance and in tax refusal, in refusal to report for combat in aggressive war, in refusal to accept corporate and government media propaganda as truth.

  • On NWTRCC’s mailing list, Larry Rosenwald discusses how an emphasis on voluntary simplicity may leave some war tax resisters feeling left out. Excerpt:

    I know what “simplified” means in these contexts, and I’m highly aware of being a war tax resister who doesn’t try to live such a life, at least in some senses of “simplified,” and I’m wondering, Where exactly… is there room for me, a war tax resister , “sustainable for the long haul,” and with every expectation of continuing to do war tax resistance as long as I live? “Simplicity” isn’t… being presented as something to deliberate over; it’s presented as something to “embrace.”