Jeff Knaebel Gave Up His Citizenship to End His Complicity

Taxpatriate Jeff Knaebel has started a web site to promote his brand of satyagraha: Society without State. It collects some of his writing, and his ideas for building a better society, and promotes his new book, Experiments in Moral Sovereignty — Notes of an American Exile.

Frequent use of the pronoun “we” on the site hints that there are others aside from Knaebel involved in the project, but this may be more of a prophecy hoping for self-fulfillment:

We consider ourselves to be everyone and nobody. We are all for one and one for all. We are anyone who longs for Liberty, Peace, Harmony and Reason. We are nobody in charge, nobody superior, and no institutional authority of any man over another. We strive to work together, yet separately, and in agreement.

We believe the institutionalized structurally violent system of the Corporate Warfare State must be abandoned and allowed to die a peaceful death. We hold the entire conception of the Corporation and the State to be morally invalid — that “legally mandated” limited liability and sovereign immunity, which enable men to act without accountability and responsibility — are the roots of a system which promotes the limitless play of greed and destruction without concern for the fate of future generations, who will inherit a wasted earth.

We are questing into unknown territory with this website. We hope to have contributors who advance their ideas with full open attribution of authorship. We are individual beings, working together in voluntary cooperation for our liberty and the survival of our species. We pledge allegiance to no State, no flag, no government, and no “ism.” We aim to be free, to think for ourselves, and to act on our own responsibility.

In any case, it looks to be a good site to bookmark if you appreciate the perspectives of an enthusiastic follower in the footsteps of Gandhi, Tolstoy, and Thoreau.