Links of Interest to Tax Resisters and Others

Some bits and pieces for your Sunday browsing pleasure:

Wise Bread summarizes some of the options for opting out of the money economy:

If you know you can get by with little or no money, then you have the flexibility to follow your own path, to take risks, to refuse to knuckle under to people who don’t have your interests at heart. That’s why it has always fascinated me.

Taxpatriate renunciate satyagrahi Jeff Knaebel shares his liberatory program:

The Nation-State is the sword over our collective heads. This system of organizing a society of six billion human beings doesn’t work. Its institutionalized structural violence is destroying humanity and the earth. States have murdered more than 230 million human beings in . A system that places the power of planetary incineration into the hands of a few psychopathically aggressive tyrants is clearly insane. It is impossible to reform a system whose very foundation is organized criminal violence, lies and deceit. It must be abandoned, as a sinking ship. Don’t fight it. Just quit supporting it, quit cooperating with it, quit paying taxes to it. Simply leave it. Build your own ark, or look for like-minded others to join, forming islands of light in a sea of darkness.

Remember Joe Darby? He’s the soldier who, when he saw the Abu Ghraib abuse photographs, decided to blow the whistle. How’d America treat him afterwards? Well, he was promised anonymity, but Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield outed him on television. Then it hit the fan:

His wife had no idea that Mr Darby had handed in those photos, but when he was named, she had to flee to her sister’s house which was then vandalised with graffiti. Many in his home town called him a traitor.

“I knew that some people wouldn’t agree with what I did,” he says.

“You have some people who don’t view it as right and wrong. They view it as: I put American soldiers in prison over Iraqis.”

That animosity in his home town has meant that he still cannot return there.