Some Tax Resistance “Memes”

Erica Weiland, at the War Tax Talk blog, has a post up about propagandizing for war tax resistance using “memes” — pithy messages, often accompanied by pictures or graphics, that are easy to share on social media. She gives several examples and invites her readers to download and share them as appropriate.

Here are a few additions from The Picket Line — a hodge-podge of graphics that I’ve used in various contexts in the past — that you might find worth adding to your memetic arsenal:

Their ambitions of empire are harmless without our tax money, so learn how you can resist war taxes. War tax resisters aren’t buying it War tax resisters aren’t buying it Desobedece Fuck the Draft Insumisión Fiscal Because there are better things to spend my money on than bank bailouts & bunker busters, I’m a tax resister As long as I went on giving it its annual allowance, I could no more expect it to mend its ways than I could a reprobate son. I was paying others to do what I would never do myself or, indeed, countenance in others in any other circumstances. This couldn’t go on. What our Government requires of you and me, in our dotage, is only that we give it the money to buy the gun and hire the man to carry it. What say you? What message do we send with our taxes? Your Government’s Spending Priorities Gastos Militares: No Con Mi Dinero Si vols la pau, no paguis la guerra! Put your money where your mouth is! And then one day I stopped paying for war. Your tax dollars buy Pentagon pork. We all have to pull together! War tax resisters aren’t buying it! Taxes War tax resisters aren’t buying it