Agorism, the I.R.S. Collection Process, and James Gail Garst

From the Reading Eagle:

Preacher Resigns Methodist Post

Protests Dismissal of Fellow Clergyman

The Rev. James Gail Garst resigned from the Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Church in protest against dismissal of a 29-year-old minister who refused to pay income taxes.

Rev. Mr. Garst, serving the Fairdale-Rush Circuit in the Wilkes-Barre district, withdrew his application for full connection with the conference and said “it is my way of showing my protest.”

The conference, in executive session at its 102d annual meeting, took action against the Rev. Richard M. Fichter, of Springfield, Pa., who was charged with six rural churches in Susquehanna County.

Rev. Mr. Garst, who came here from the Kansas Conference two years ago, sad he plans to go back to Kansas.

Fichter, a deacon in the church, said he refused to pay the federal income taxes as a “matter of Christian conscience because of the suicidal armaments race” the money would support.