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A curious data point:

The government has hit a financial milestone — taking in more money in tax revenue in a single day than ever before.

After totaling it all up, the Treasury Department announced Thursday that it had collected $61 billion on Wednesday. That surpassed the old one-day record of $56 billion set on .

The bulk of the revenue — $49 billion — came from corporate tax payments, also a one-day record for such receipts. The old mark was $46 billion set . , and Dec. 15 are both deadlines for corporations to make quarterly tax payments.

I had no idea that they kept track of tax receipts on a daily basis. Seems like a silly piece of trivia to me, but there you have it.

On I noted that the General Accounting Office had found that the U.S. government had been writing checks to defense contractors who cumulatively owed $3 billion in back taxes.

Now the GAO has taken a look at the non-military contractors, and they look to be running neck-and-neck:

…about 33,000 civilian agency contractors owed over $3 billion in unpaid federal taxes as of .

Federal government employees owe another $2 billion in unpaid taxes.

Meanwhile, “a GAO report on Defense Department trash notes that items worth $3.5 billion were in ‘new, unused, and excellent condition’ before they were destroyed, donated, or sold for pennies on the dollar. The department then ‘continued to buy many of these same items.’ ”

One of my frequently-voiced wishes here at The Picket Line is that the anti-war leftists and the anti-state libertarians come to realize that in the U.S. government they have a common enemy that they should fight together.

The latest Journal of Libertarian Studies has an interesting article about how this happened during the Vietnam War, when principled libertarians like Murray Rothbard turned their backs on cold-war militaristic U.S. conservativism and (holding their noses) joined forces for a while with the anti-war, socialist left.

Rothbard’s own story of how he found he could “move from ‘extreme right’ to ‘extreme left’ merely by standing in one place” is given in a essay he wrote for Ramparts: Confessions of a Right-Wing Liberal.