Republican President Boosts Pork-Heavy Federal Program

More of what you’ll be paying for if you pay taxes :

The Bush administration wants to boost military spending by 7%, to nearly $402 billion, in , the Pentagon said .

That would take the defense budget to levels exceeding those at the height of the Cold War. The increase would help pay for a raft of costly weapons and programs bolstered by Washington’s response to the , terrorist attacks.

But the proposed budget does not include the costs of ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which for two years have largely been funded through massive supplemental spending bills.

The administration is expected to make a request later in  — most likely  — for an additional $50 billion or more to pay for those military operations.

The $401.7-billion request is in line with what the Pentagon a year ago projected it would seek as part of a long-range plan to boost military spending to $484 billion annually by . It does not include defense programs funded by the Energy Department, expected to cost about $20 billion in .