I Answer Questions About Tax Resistance on the Alan Colmes Show

I was on the Alan Colmes radio show , answering questions from Colmes and his listeners during a half-hour segment on tax resistance.

I think it went very well. The show is national, and judging by the callers, gets a large and enthusiastic audience — even when competing with the All Star Game.

Colmes, to his credit and my surprise, had done his homework by reading about my tax resistance ahead of time — not just the Associated Press article, but also the FAQ on The Picket Line, so he got impatient when I tried to recycle bits of it in my answers.

I’d turned down an offer to be interviewed on Fox television news earlier in the day. I just felt icky every time I thought about it. I’d had the same sort of foreboding at first when Colmes’s producer asked me to be on his show — on Fox television news, Colmes is the Colmes in their spin-and-shout show “Hannity and Colmes.” But I listened to some of his radio show and thought it had a reasonably high substance-to-sensation ratio, so I accepted. It turned out fine.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Alan Colmes radio show only releases audio files of parts of its shows in their on-line archives, and my part won’t be one of them.

John Christoffersen’s Associated Press article that started this whole media cyclone has now been translated into Spanish and French:

And WorldViews: Daily News / Christian Views has a lively comments section mulling over the article.