Military Spending is a “Chorizada,” So Let’s Have a Barbecue

War tax resisters in Spain held a protest barbecue this week. (“Chorizada” derives from “chorizo” — “sausage” — but also means “swindle.”)

Barbecue against the “chorizada” of military spending

They encourage tax resistance with a “barbecue” in front of the Palacio Foral of the Provincial Council of Biscay to denounce the robbery that supports military spending.

representatives of different social collectives have gathered at the gates of the Palacio Foral of the Provincial Council of Biscay to conduct a symbolic action of war tax resistance.

Various persons dressed as cooks and soldiers have come forth to hold a barbecue at the gates of the Palacio Foral of the Provincial Council of Biscay. The main course was a “chorizada” with the aim of denouncing the theft of public resources that supports military spending. Also, they distributed pieces of fried sausage to those who passed by at the time along Bilbao’s main street.

This initiative is meant to promote war tax resistance in ’s tax return. This symbolic format is meant to denounce the alarming and exorbitant military spending that exists in our society while many social necessities are found to be unmet, and even more so in a time of economic crisis like this: decreased social spending on health and education, evictions and increases in poverty, reduction in funds destined for social security. Military spending does not meet any social need and itself is a waste of resources that are needed now more than ever in these times of economic crisis.

Military Spending for Social Needs

The lack of resources to develop public services of quality (education, health, dependent care, social security) is more than evident. So it clearer than ever is the urgency of increasing public services with the money allocated to military spending.

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