Chascomús/Lezama Municipal Squabble Fought With Tax Refusal

Remember the Chascomús/Lezama municipal secessionist foofaraw that I covered ? Back then, residents of Lezama, Argentina announced a tax strike to protest the legislature’s unwillingness to consider granting them independence from Chascomús. Apparently their campaign worked and they finally succeeded in convincing the government to see things their way.

So now the unionist Chascomunenses are fighting back with a tax resistance campaign of their own (translation mine):

After governor Daniel Scioli announced yesterday that he would not veto the law to create the new city of Lezama, passed by the provincial deputies on Tuesday, the citizens of Chascomús reacted with a series of proposals to reject the independence of the nearby town.

In a neighborhood assembly it was decided next Sunday to hold the Opening of the Summer Season of Chascomús on Highway 2. The event will include the election of the queen, shows, and other attractions. The intention is to obstruct traffic during the signing of the law, a recourse that was frequently used by the residents of Lezama in order to gain their independence.

Furthermore, they proposed to carry out tax resistance, not paying taxes, cutting the railroad tracks, and declaring persona non grata the 58 provincial deputies who sanctioned with their votes the law for the creation of Lezama as well as governor Scioli.…