Argentine President Stops a Tax Resistance Campaign via Preemptive Surrender

Apparently the tax resistance threat by farmers in drought-ravaged areas of Argentina has had some effect (see ). According to a report carried on AFP:

The Argentine government on decreed an agricultural emergency in the areas stricken by a historical drought, which exempts those producers from a vast region of the Pampa Húmeda from paying taxes for a year, announced president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

That’s one way to stop a tax resistance campaign!

“These decrees represent an effort from all Argentinians, because there is no other sector that has these benefits,” remarked the president regarding the exemption from taxes that will reach the income tax, the personal property tax, and the presumptive income tax, that will extend until . “We are completely relying on great patriotism and effort because the government must receive taxes,” stressed the president in respect to the losses the measure means for the government’s coffers, at the beginning of a year that will include legislative elections.

Some bits and pieces:

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