Tax Resistance in India, Greece, South Korea, and the U.S.A.

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

  • Wendy McElroy looks into the IRS’s sudden keen interest in bitcoin.
  • Activists from the South Korean People’s Democracy Party were in the U.S. recently and met with representatives from NWTRCC to learn about how they might incorporate tax resistance into their struggle against the corrupt South Korean government.
  • The “won’t pay” movement in Greece continues to score propaganda victories by illegally reconnecting the power to the homes of families who have had their utilities shut off for their inability (or unwillingness) to pay the austerity-enhanced bills.
  • The government of India has attempted to issue a knockout punch to the underground economy by abruptly removing high-denomination notes from the ranks of legal tender. But this seems instead to have landed a crippling blow on the economy.
  • The government of Keene, New Hampshire has lost its state supreme court appeal, in a unanimous ruling that likely puts the final nail in the coffin of its attempts to get an injunction against the “Robin Hooders” who follow its parking enforcers around, filling expired meters and in other ways interfering with their attempts to boost the city coffers with parking enforcement revenue.