How Many “Lucky Duckies” Pay No Federal Income Tax?

If you’re curious about war tax resistance, you might want to check out this upcoming “Google Hangout” on the topic:

A recent pie chart from the War Resisters League shows that even as we’re told the Pentagon is getting cuts in its budget, a full 45% of the federal budget is still going to the military and to U.S. warmongering.

War tax resistance is one way we can redirect our money, time, and efforts away from the war machine and toward a better, more peaceful future.

Ari, Katherine, and Shaolida will discuss why and how they practice war tax resistance — refusing to pay federal income taxes that support the war machine. Followed by Q&A.

The hour-long hangout will start .

There’s a new Statistics of Income Bulletin out, with preliminary numbers from the filing season that show the number and percentage of “lucky duckies” who file tax returns showing that they owed no federal income tax all year:

Tax YearNumber of Zero-Tax FilersZero-Tax Filers as a Percent of All Filers