A Look at Dubya’s Tax Reform Panel’s Proposals

Yet more about the proposals from the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform:

  • James Edward Maule reports that the proposals would allow everybody to deduct the cost of health insurance premiums.
  • Maule also says that the low-income savings credit (something akin to the Retirement Savings Tax Credit that I use) would be refundable — like the Earned Income Tax Credit is today.
  • You can see the panel’s own PowerPoint slides that they used when announcing their proposal by visiting their site.
  • The Tax Policy Center has established a web site dedicated to news and information about the panel and its proposals.

Will the last small-government conservative to leave the Republican party please pick up the accumulated shame at coat check? Veronique de Rugy of the American Enterprise Institute joins Nick Gillespie of Reason to tally up Dubya’s score, and hawkish Andrew Sullivan goes ballistic:

Washington now spends a record $22,000 a year per household. Defense and 9/11-related spending accounted for less than half the growth in spending . Overall federal spending is accelerating in Bush’s second term, not declining as he promised. Entitlement spending is set to explode in the next decade or so — requiring massive spending cuts, huge tax hikes, or real entitlement reform. Bush has made the entitlement problem far worse rather than better in . Under the , pork barrel spending has gone from around $10 billion to $25 billion today. The number of “earmarks” under today’s Republicans has gone from 1,439 in to 13,999 . The feds cannot account for $24.5 billion spent in .

Meanwhile, the conservative National Center for Policy Analysis tosses its senior fellow Bruce Bartlett out on his ear after they got wind of his upcoming book: Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy. It warms the heart of my cockles.