Tax Resisters of the 1970s, from Google News’s Archives

Using Google’s new News Archive Search I dug up a few old news articles about tax resistance that I hadn’t seen on-line before:

  • Five Members of Faculty Will Withhold War Taxes To Voice Vietnam Dissent from The Harvard Crimson, . Among the signers were “Salvador E. Luria, M.I.T.’s Nobel laureate, and George Wald, Higgins Professor of Biology and a Nobel winner.”
  • The War Tax Protesters from Time, . Prompted by the war tax resistance of Jane Hart, wife of Senator Philip Hart of Michigan, this article gives a short summary of the Vietnam-era movement and notest that “their harassment has forced the IRS to assign someone at each major center to the task of ‘Viet Nam Protest Coordinator.’ ”
  • Means and Extremes from Time, . A review of Karl Hess’s Dear America which chronicles his evolution from a Republican speechwriter to an anarchist tax resister.

Thanks to Taran Jordan at Strike The Root for sending dozens of readers to The Picket Line’s how-to page.