War Tax Resisters Gather in Amherst

In other news…

  • Enric Durán reflects on the crisis in Catalonia, and how decentralized autonomous cooperatives are an alternative to independent states when considering models of rebellion against control by the Spanish government, in El Temps. Excerpt:

    [We] seek autonomy. We do not seek control of the territory in which we live. We seek to be free in our direct actions. Therefore, we build our parallel system of fees and taxes and make fiscal disobedience to the state, to any state. With these resources, we manage alternatives. We protect our activity even if it is not legally recognized or is disobedient to the State. In this way, we exercise the right to community self-determination. We do not recognize state sovereignty over our community actions.

    It means that we first recognize the decisions of our assemblies before any law — collective decisions that are open and have nothing to hide. We look for ways to not pay taxes and the added revenues derived from this we use for our community. Anyone can join these openly by participating in a local cooperative or group.

    Durán is currently championing a new bitcoin-like alternative currency called “Faircoin”, with the explicit goal of making transactions less taxable and less subject to the demands of the official banking system.
  • NWTRCC has posted a new podcast — Why and How I Became a War Tax Resister — featuring interviews with people who have recently started resisting.
  • The Bill Newmann Show on WHMP tackled War Tax Resistance on .
  • The Wall Street Journal notes that some local governments in California are raising taxes on newly-legal marijuana so high that the black market will be likely to continue to thrive.
  • Newly released figures from the Pentagon say that the government of the United States has spent $250,000,000 every day for on its Terror War. That doesn’t include what’s being spent by off-the-books secret agencies (where Congress hides a lot of Terror War spending), and it also doesn’t count veterans’ benefits (currently $46,000,000 per day for Terror War vets).