Peacemakers’ War Tax Refusal Statement of 1950

I found this in an old copy of Freedom which billed itself as an “Anarchist Fortnightly” (from the U.K. I think). It is the first example I have seen that quotes the complete Peacemakers tax refusal statement in 1950:

H-Bomb Makes Them More Determined

Say U.S. Tax Resisters

Saying that President Truman’s decision to go ahead with the production of the hydrogen bomb makes them even more determined than before to refuse to finance war preparation, 27 men and 19 women in scattered parts of the United States announced on , their refusal to pay income taxes. They released the following statement through the Tax Refusal Committee of Peacemakers, a national pacifist movement with headquarters in New York City:

War is to us abhorrent. The wholesale and systematic burning or blasting to bits of men, women, and children is the most hideous barbarism committed by men since the world began. No declaration of war or other government pressures can shake our determination to have no part in such unspeakable atrocities.

Preparing for such atrocities is equally abhorrent. Those who help build atomic bombs, germ sprays, or biological weapons share the same responsibility as those who drop the bombs or cast the deadly sprays. Hence, we are determined as far as possible to stop our part of bomb building and other armament construction.

is the deadline for payment of 1949 income taxes. Unitedly we affirm our determination to refuse to pay taxes which are levied for the purpose of carrying on war. President Truman’s decision to begin the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb makes us even more determined than before to refuse to finance armaments. Building this newest and most terrible weapon is further indication of the extreme depths of moral degradation into which our nation has sunk.

Some of use feel that because the major activity of the federal government is war, we must refuse the total amount of the income taxes we owe. Others of us feel we must refuse to pay the proportion which corresponds to the percentage of the national budget now allocated to war preparation.

We can do little to obstruct the manufacture of war weapons in other countries, but we feel morally compelled to resist such manufacture here in every way we can. We call on all people, both in the United States and other lands, to consider this course of action and join us.