Experiments in Abundant, Voluntaryist Living

Some bits-and-pieces from here-and-there:

  • My talk at The Abundance League on “Discovering An Abundant Life” has been reprinted in the latest issue of Simple Living News.
  • Anarch.me is a community of individuals who volunteer their time and talent to promote a voluntary society. We invite you to join us.” It seems to be quickly attracting some of the better talent in the on-line voluntaryist / left libertarian / agorist circles.
  • The Marina-Huerta Educational Foundation caught my eye. It “is dedicated to exploring various aspects of a sustainable lifestyle. This encompasses affordable, appropriate, intermediate technologies in a number of areas, such as housing, energy, wastes, foods, and education, in both the developed and less developed world.” According to William Marina, the project takes inspiration from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and hopes to plant the seeds of little self-sufficient “Galt’s Gulch”es all around the world. They’re currently working on a prototype in Guatemala:

    We would suggest that the State has the means today, and did at the time that Atlas Shrugged was written, to seek out and destroy any “secret” community such as Galt’s Gulch. What the State cannot do however, either in this country or in other nations such as Guatemala, where we recently completed a community center which will be at the center of a new village eventually housing 800 families, is to prevent individuals from building the kind of houses we suggest, along with new sources of decentralized energy, using the Sun and wind to develop Electricity, as well as utilizing rainwater and reusing gray water, along with more efficient kinds of waste disposal, all of which can contribute to growing one’s own food supplies. Thus, many people can openly, but without fanfare, begin to withdraw from essential cooperation with the State.