Against War and War Taxes: Quaker Arguments for War Tax Refusal

Against War and War Taxes

When I was researching and assembling American Quaker War Tax Resistance, what I originally had in mind was a small spin-off book based on the research I did for We Won’t Pay! — one that was more focused and, being smaller, would be more affordable.

That didn’t work out as planned. The more I researched, the more interesting material I found, and by the time I finished the project, American Quaker War Tax Resistance was almost as big as We Won’t Pay! and priced to match.

So I went back to the drawing board and have managed to put together a book that’s closer to my original vision: Against War and War Taxes: Quaker Arguments for War Tax Refusal.

This book is a slim, pocket-sized 94 pages, and includes fifteen excerpts from American Quaker War Tax Resistance of those works that are the most sustained and considered arguments in favor of Quaker war tax resistance. And I’ve managed to price it under $8, so it’ll be easier on the budget.

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