33% of American Tax Filers “Lucky Duckies” in 2004

My search for stable housing continues, and along with it my continuing spotty internet access. I’m using a public library to get on-line these days: five days a week, one hour a day (two if I’m lucky). The Picket Line has suffered from this, and I’m sorry.

The Tax Foundation’s newsletter has a front-page article about the 44 million Americans who will file income tax returns that show zero federal income tax liability. These are people who are doing essentially the same thing that I’m doing (though few may share my motives). The percentage of tax returns that show zero tax liability has jumped in recent years:

Number of Zero-Tax Filers (in Millions)Zero-Tax Filers as a Percentage of All Filers

“In addition to these zero-tax filers,” the article continues, “roughly 14 million individuals and families will earn some income but not enough to be required to file a tax return. When these non-filers are added to the zero-tax filers, they add up to 58 million income-earning households who will be paying no income taxes.” The article goes on to give some demographic information about who these zero-tax filers and non-filers are.