“Tax Freedom Day” April 17 This Year, Says Tax Foundation

The Tax Foundation have announced their calculation of Tax Freedom Day for . Tax Freedom Day is the day when the average American has earned enough money to pay his or her taxes. After Tax Freedom Day, you stop working for the government and start working for yourself.

If you’re interested in delving in to the details, you can find the complete report on-line, as well as two reports from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities critical of the Tax Foundation’s methodology (1 and 2).

A new Picket Line reader writes in:

I just came across your annual picket line update. First let me say that you have a great deal of respect from me for doing what you are doing. I happen to be a supporter of the current military operations we are involved in, but that does not stop me from being able to appreciate someone who is able to take action to support their ideals.

I realize that if everyone who was against the war(s) we are in right now followed your example we would have to pull the troops home (and our economy would drastically be reduced) but it would be a very honest and powerful form of protest. Too many people seem to join street protests not because they actually want to create change, but just to be part of the party for the day. They vent their feelings, but then go right back to their lives once the cameras are off.…