Every 5 Seconds the Feds Spend $1M; Where Does It All Go?

If you’re in the mood to stir up trouble on , you might want to download the Libertarian Party’s popular Million Dollar Bill handouts.

Every five seconds that the Federal bureaucracy is open, the government spends $1 million. That’s $12 million every minute, almost $1.8 trillion every year.

Where’s all that money going? And why is it so hard to get a straight answer?

Nick Wright of Northern California War Tax Resistance has dug in to the website of Campagna di Obiezione Alle Spese Militari e Per La Difesa Popolare Nonviolenta to try to learn more about some possible legal breakthroughs for war tax resistance in Italy that have been only sketchily reported up to now in the English-language press.

It’s still unclear to me from reading Wright’s article what the actual legal status of war tax resistance via redirection is in Italy, but it does give some new information. In part, what seems to be going on is that Italy has adopted an unarmed citizen defense scheme in parallel to its more traditional military defense, and conscientious objectors to military taxation are trying to use this as leverage for some sort of option that would allow them to pay the defense portion of their tax bill directly to this citizen defense program rather than to the government which would apportion the money to that program and to the military.