Michelle Malkin Calls Out Tax-Paying Peaceniks as “Chickendoves”

I noted that the top-tier liberal blog Daily Kos was all abuzz about war tax resistance after a contributor there wrote about his family’s decision to stop paying.

Lunatic jingo Michelle Malkin saw an angle and ran with it:

If a “chickenhawk” is someone who supports the war, but hasn’t enlisted, what does that make a moonbat who opposes the war, but continues to let his/her taxes be used to fund it?

One Daily Kossack has announced an action to “personally defund the war” by withholding 15 percent of his taxes and risking jail.

So, what about the rest of the members of the nutroots community who have so mindlessly tarred conservatives as chickenhawks and gone to ridiculous lengths to play the Absolute Moral Authority card?

Will they follow in this Kossack’s footsteps and put their money where their BDS-infected mouths are?

Or are they just, you know, chickendoves fluttering on the sidelines?

In , three members of the tiny religious group “Restored Israel of Yahweh” were convicted and sentenced to prison for war tax resistance. It is very rare for war tax resisters to be sentenced to prison, something that has only happened a handful of times.

, most of the convictions were overturned on appeal. Convictions on two charges were reversed outright, while most of the others were ruled faulty on procedural grounds with prosecutors given the option to retry the defendants on those counts. Only a single conspiracy conviction against the three was upheld.

The appeals court ruled that improper jury instructions invalidated the convictions. This doesn’t offer much in the way of broader implications for the legal consequences of tax resistance, except that it may prove discouraging to the prosecutors.