Markus Zwicklbauer Won’t Pay Taxes for Eurozone Bailouts

I don’t know German, but I think the gist of this article (as translated by the translation gnomes at Google), is that Markus Zwicklbauer, a 58-year-old tax consultant from Fürstenzell, has gone on a one-man tax strike. His main beef seems to be that the impending Euro bailouts will mean German taxpayer subsidies for the poor financial decisions of other countries, and he wants none of it.

He’s paying his taxes instead into an escrow account which he says he will release to the government if the government can show him to his satisfaction that it will be spent for the benefit of German citizens and not wasted.

Darn that Roosevelt!

Tax Striker Admits Guilt

Six-Year War on Income Impost Is Ended

A six-year income tax strike against the Federal Government by Leslie W. Bailey, Minneapolis chain grocery store executive, ended with his plea of guilty to a charge of willfully refusing to pay an income tax for .

Bailey, who Federal officials said had stated he would not pay as long as President Roosevelt is in office, recently paid $1,000, all of his back taxes, plus interest, it developed . His case was referred to the probation officer.

Bailey said the dispute arose six years ago after he won a $400 tax case from the Government. The next year he was assessed a similar amount and refused to pay. Three counts in the indictment — refusal to pay taxes for , and were dropped.

I haven’t managed to dig up anything else about Bailey or his protest.