Resisting Taxes to Fight the Mugabe Regime

From South Africa’s IOL News on (excerpts):

Opposition tightens screws on Zim govt

Anti-government groups in Zimbabwe began to tighten the screws on the ruling party on , calling for a tax boycott, a university class boycott and deciding to “test the waters” on political thuggery by staging an election rally near a flashpoint Harare suburb.

Another opposition party, the small Zimbabwe Union of Democrats (ZUD), Sunday urged Zimbabweans to refuse to pay tax until the government affords them their “taxpayers’ worth of goods and services.”

“Zimbabweans rank amongst the highest taxed people in the world,” said ZUD secretary-general Isaac Manyemba in a statement. “Of grave concern is the fact that the government has nothing to show for the punitive tax rates.”

He said the bulk of the taxes collected was used to further the fortunes of the ruling party.

From the Nelson Evening Mail:

The Maori Disturbance.

United Press Association.

Hone Toia and fifteen other Maori prisoners, arrested at Waima in connection with the recent disturbance, were brought before the Court , charged with a conspiracy to levy war on the Queen to evade the dog tax and with assaulting John Wellsford, mail carrier. Mr Tole, Crown prosecutor, prosecuted. Messrs Earl and Cooper represented the accused.

W. Hone, the Native interpreted, deposed to visiting Hone Toia and other principal natives at Pukemiro, on . They declared they would not pay the dog tax, would not stop shooting pigeons, would have nothing to do with European laws, and they announced their intention of going to Rawene next day with their guns to fight the law.

The [Wellington] Evening Post also published a substantially similar article on the case .