Soul-N-Black Calls on Black Leaders to Talk Tax Resistance

Federal Times seems pretty convinced that we’ve just about seen the end of the IRS program of assigning some of its tax delinquency cases to quasi-private debt collection agencies.

According to the Times, Congress won’t explicitly kill the program, but will underfund it to the point where it won’t be able to continue.

The “Soul-N-Black” blog talk radio program has pointed a few people this way over the last couple of days with it’s “It’s About To Get Jumpin’ ” episode.

The speaker complains that black Americans aren’t getting their money’s worth for the taxes they pay, and that rules governing who gets disqualified for Social Security benefits disproportionately target black Americans. In addition, the government is loading Americans down with tens of thousands of dollars of national debt apiece. So black Americans should form a separate, parallel government and stop paying money to Washington (especially since the IRS-governed tax is optional anyway).

This, anyway, is my paraphrase of his argument. There are some other points too, about the bizarre doctrines of Creflo Dollar, and about the quality of argument and analysis in black America. Anyway, here’s what he has to say about The Picket Line:

I want you to go to this website called, and I want you to look at… what it’s called is, “the Don’s Method” [sic] of not paying taxes: “How to resist the federal income tax through the Don’t Owe Nothin’ Method.”

Now I want people to understand this, and follow this, and look at it, okay? So I want you to check out Don’s Method. Okay? It’s at The Picket Line’s website.

Go through this and I want you to see if you can apply this into your life. ’Cause you know I keep hearing these house niggers talking about a whole bunch of shit but they’re not giving solutions — and remember, I told you that Soul-N-Black is coming in to start spanking assholes and spanking faces and putting down solutions. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to start embarrassing them, okay, for real. This is what your black leaders should be talking to you about. This is what your people should be opening their eyes about.

If you’ve been following the Charles Merrill case, you might also be interested in a new blog by John Bisceglia called Gay Tax Protest. Bisceglia has experienced first-hand the harm caused by lack of government respect for same-sex marriage contracts, and he concludes: “It is immoral and unjust to expect gay and lesbian families to pay taxes to a government that denies us the legal protections of civil marriage.”