Democrats Capture Both Houses of Congress, Nothing Really Changes

Was it that we were promised that if we supported a surge of Democrats in to Congress, things would change? The supporters of the surge got all they asked for — majorities in both the House and Senate.

But while surge supporters point to some successes — new Congressional committee leadership, a new method for inserting earmarks into bills, and the like — this appears to have more-or-less completely failed to effect any appreciable change in the dismal national political situation.

In particular, the Iraq war is hotter than ever. There are more U.S. troops in Iraq today than at any time during the war, and the slaughter goes on with no end in sight.

And yet the proponents of the surge continue to ask for patience, and, indeed, suggest that only a bigger surge of Democrats can end the war.

But, thank goodness, some people are finally giving up on the surge.