Links of Interest to Tax Resisters

Some recent links of interest:

  • For Independence Day, Popular Resistance reminds us that the American Revolution was won before the Revolutionary War began thanks to nonviolent resistance tactics, tax resistance in particular.
  • The government of India is trying to create a nationwide goods-and-services tax that would replace the patchwork of regional tax systems that cause so much inefficiency in the Indian economy. Any effort like this is going to have winners and losers. Some of the losers are fighting back:
  • Conscience and Peace Tax International is trying to rise from the ashes. After their acrimonious conference in , the dissolution and reformation of the organization, and the deaths of officers Roy Prockter and Dirk Panhuis, the group was on-the-ropes. They recently held a new conference in North London. The group is almost entirely focused on “peace tax” schemes, wherewith particularly conscientious citizens would be able to segregate their own tax payments into non-military parts of their nations’ budgets.
  • Someone’s started a tax strike petition at (“Defer payment of federal income tax until Trump leaves”). Doesn’t seem to have much momentum behind it so far…