Struggle to Find the Courage to Be a Tax Resister

K.W.” writes a letter home:

[W]e each live already what we believe, and as our beliefs change, so will our lifestyles. If Iraq had a big, strong economy and full employment, and Saddam Hussein tried to get more than half of the tax revenue poured into weapons of mass destruction and soldiers mobilized to kill us, I would want the Iraqi people to resist anyway they could: on their tax returns, in their Congress, on the streets. So I will continue to struggle to find the courage to be a tax resister, to get my views publicized and into the currently inadequate debate, to get the Congress of the land in which I happen to live to cut off the funding for murder all over the world, to lift up my voice and help fill the streets with yelling bodies, yelling that we don’t hate the world, we don’t want to own the world, we don’t want to kill the world’s people in any way, by any weapons, for any reason.