Upcoming Gatherings of American War Tax Resisters

The 30th Annual New England Regional Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters will be held in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The conference will focus on “strategizing new directions for war tax resistance,” and features a Friday evening presentation by Frida Berrigan. The gathering is open to the public. If you’d like more information, ask Jason Rawn or Daniel Sicken.

The following month, , the national gathering of NWTRCC will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. More details and registration information will become available on this page.

Today’s mystery resister? A Monsieur Bidault of Rambouillet. From the Sheffield Evening Telegraph on :

Tax Resister.

Barricades Himself Against the Collector.

“Fort Bidault,” at Rambouillet, in which M. Bidault has barricaded himself against tax collectors, has not yet been taken (says a Paris message ).

The villa is surrounded by police, and the authorities hope to starve the proprietor into surrendering.

It is said at Rambouillet that M. Bidault had anticipated this manœuvre by laying in an immense stock of provisions and fuel, and as he is a vegetarian it is thought likely he may be able to hold out for some time yet.

The brief article seems to assume the reader knows all about this saga from earlier installations, but I haven’t been able to find much. A later dispatch, from the Hull Daily Mail reads:

M. Bidault, the landed proprietor who is defying French tax-collectors at Rambouillet has not yet surrendered, and, secure in his barricaded villa, declares he will shoot anyone who attempts to enter the premises. The tax levied upon M. Bidault amounts to £12.

I did eventually find an article about the case in a French paper (the Journal du Loiret of ). It says that Bidault tried to sneak out and replenish his food stocks from the local meat market, whereupon the authorities swept in and arrested him on the way home. They appointed a psychiatrist to inquire into Bidault’s mental health:

Le contibuable récalcitrant

 — Le commissaire de police de Rambouillet a mis hier en état d’arrestation M. Bidault, le propriétaire ennemi du fisc qui, lors de la visite du commissaire de police et de l’huissier chargé d’instrumenter contre lui, sur la réquisition du percepteur, avait tiré un coup de fusil et s’était ensuite barricadé chez lui.

A midi, Bidault quittait sa villa et se rendait dans une charcuterie proche de la gare de Rambouillet, pour y acheter diverses marchandises. Averti par la bonne d’un voisin, le commissaire de police, se rendit en hâte rue Gambetta, pour se saisir du contribuable récalcitrant, à son retour. Quand celui-ci parut, le commissaire de police, aidé de M. Toubault, jardinier, et de M. Massé, employé à la mairie de Rambouillet , s’assura de la personne de Bidault, lui passa le cabriolet au poignet droit et, craignant, qu’il ne fût porteur d’armes, le fouilla immédiatement… Mais il ne trouva sur lui que deux côtelettes et un mauvais couteau de poche.

Un médecin aliéniste sera désigné pour examiner l’état mental de cet ennemi du fisc.