Tax Resistance News from Here and There

Some tabs that have arisen in my browser in recent days:

A news dispatch found in the Rochester Times-Union from :

Machine Guns of British to End Tax Riots

 — British soldiers with machine guns have been sent into the Tharawaddy district, 65 miles north of here, where more than a score have been killed in tax resistance rioting during .

Considerable feeling throughout Burma has been aroused by reports of the murder of H.V.M. Fields Clark, a forest ranger in the government service. He had returned from an inspection tour to his lonely bungalow in the village of Weya, the report said, when native rebels closed in and killed him.

Four police have been killed and several wounded in encounters with the rebels who thus far have eluded capture by taking advantage of the wild character of the country.

Wikipedia gives this context:

In , a local tax protest by Saya San in Tharrawaddy quickly grew into first a regional and then a national insurrection against the government. Lasting for two years, the Galon rebellion, named after the mythical bird Garuda — enemy of the Nagas, i.e. the British — emblazoned on the pennants the rebels carried, required thousands of British troops to suppress along with promises of further political reform. The eventual trial of Saya San, who was executed, allowed several future national leaders, including Dr Ba Maw and U Saw, who participated in his defence, to rise to prominence.

Further information on the Saya San page paints this as less “tax resistance rioting” than a nationalist insurrection aiming to replace the British colonial government with a traditionalist Burmese king.