Accompany Your Tax Return With a Dubya-Style “Signing Statement”?

You’ve probably heard about Dubya’s “signing statements” that he uses when signing legislation into law — statements that basically say that regardless of what the law he’s signing mandates, he’s going to do things his own way, subject only to the advice of those fawning monarchists who serve as the White House legal advisors.

William Giunta of Palmetto, Florida suggests that you add a “signing statement” to your tax return this year:

Well, since Congress doesn’t have the guts to confront President Bush with impeachment for his breach of the Constitution, and if it gets nowhere in terms of stopping his troop surge or cutting off the funding for this outrageous war, I guess it is up to the average citizen to stand up to him and his administration.

I suggest that every citizen learn from Bush’s signing statements and draft one for themselves. Just write a statement that this administration is doing the wrong things and not listening to Congress or the American people or heeding the Constitution, and sign it.

Then back it up by stopping payment of federal income taxes.

Doing this might get the message through and help stop or slow the billions of dollars going not to us but to Iraq. Our tax moneys should be going to better our lives and to fighting terrorists that are a real threat to us.

If enough of us do this, we can make Bush take notice. Think of the logistics; there are not enough jails to lock up all of us.

This president keeps offering questionable reasons for going to war, and he is reducing the funds we need to have good health care, etc.

So, let’s stop paying our taxes (out of protest to this administration’s faulty logic and spending habits) and put our money where our mouths are.

If you can’t come up with your own wording, or if you can’t be bothered to waste a lot of your valuable time addressing a government bureaucrat, NWTRCC has a pre-printed Peace Tax Return that might do the job.