Low Income / Simple Living as War Tax Resistance

About , I took on the challenge of updating NWTRCC’s “Practical War Tax Resistance” series pamphlet on Low Income / Simple Living as War Tax Resistance. Months of research and writing followed, and with the help of a team of editors, and NWTRCC’s layout specialist, we hit the finish line . Thanks to everyone who helped — it looks fantastic and should prove very helpful.

You can download a PDF of the pamphlet from NWTRCC’s website, and you can order real, hold in your hands and turn the pages sorts of copies there as well. An HTML version should be posted there soon also. If you like, you can even download an old-fashioned, 80-column, ASCII version so you can email it to your friend with the Kaypro.

This pamphlet will be especially useful to anyone trying to get below the tax line in the United States, but will also be useful to anyone considering a low-income / simple-living lifestyle, or to people who already live on a low income who want to learn how to improve their tax situation. Here’s what you’ll find within:

  1. Why Live on a Low Income?
    1. The Seeds of War
    2. Simple Living as a Path toward Equality and Solidarity
    3. Living on Less Due to Forced Collections
    4. Pursuing Service, Advocacy, and Leisure
    5. Ecological Concerns
    6. This Method of Tax Resistance is Not for Everyone
  2. At What Level is Income Taxable?
    1. Many People Live under the Tax Line
    2. If I Don’t Owe Income Tax, Must I File a Return?
    3. Charitable Contributions as a Way of Getting Below the Tax Line
    4. Using Credits and Deductions to Get Below the Tax Line
      1. Example: Doing the Math
    5. Earned Income Tax Credit
  3. Reducing Other Contributions to Military Spending
    1. Social Insurance Taxes
    2. Corporate Income Tax
    3. Excise Taxes
      1. Sidebar: Homebrewing beer to avoid the excise tax on alcohol
    4. Tariffs
    5. Other Taxes
  4. Living on Less: Some Practical Matters
    1. Family Life and Responsibilities
    2. Home Business and Self-Employment
    3. The Underground Economy
    4. Getting out of Debt
  5. Ideas for Meeting Basic Needs on a Low Income
    1. Education
    2. Housing
    3. Banking
    4. Health Care and Medical Emergencies
      1. Health Savings Accounts
      2. Deducting Health Expenses
    5. Long-Term and Old Age Security
      1. Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts
      2. What are these IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, SEPs, and SIMPLEs?
      3. The Retirement Savings Tax Credit
      4. Advantages of a Traditional-to-Roth Rollover
      5. Can the IRS Seize Your Retirement Account?
      6. Uncertainties Concerning Future Tax Law
      7. Government Social Insurance Programs — Some Considerations
    6. The Best Things in Life Are Free
      1. Barter
      2. Freecycling, Freeganism, and Freeware
      3. Gleaning
      4. Slugging
    7. Frugal Eating
  6. Simple Living Resource List
    1. Organizations
    2. Books
    3. Websites
  7. Profiles:
    1. Juanita Nelson
    2. Barb Kass & Mike Miles
    3. Nancy & Gary T. Guthrie
    4. Karl Hess
    5. Judy Conrad
    6. Susan van Haitsma
    7. David King
    8. Gary Cavilier
    9. Ruth Clark
    10. Fred Ecks
    11. David Gross
    12. Don Schrader