Shanghai Tax Strike Standoff

A report from the Melbourne Argus in , not long after the Shanghai massacre of .



Price on Borodin’s Head.

Shanghai Tax Resisters.

A British naval wireless message from Hankow states that Borodin, the Soviet Envoy, and Eugene Chen, the Communist foreign Minister, have returned from Kuling. Chen announces that Borodin is leaving Hankow permanently in the near future. The Nanking (non-Communist National Government) is offering a reward of 100,000 dollars to anyone causing the arrest of Borodin.

The Yangtse continues quiet. No news from the Shantung front was received today and it is believed that there is a lull in the fighting

Captain Barrett, commissioner of police in the International Settlement at Shanghai announced to the press this afternoon that the municipal council has notified the Chinese newspapers that unless they pay the new municipal taxes within 24 hours their electricity will be cut off. In the meantime the tax war is unabated. The police are sealing dozens of native shops daily without resistance.

The water police have recovered several more bodies which had been thrown over board from a plague-infested troopship from Canton.

From the New York Times:

Government Takes Sheep For Taxes

The Government has corralled all the sheep on the Crow Reservation and is holding them for three years’ back grazing taxes due to the Crow Indians. The owners are up in arms, and say they will not pay. The sheep will be confiscated.