My Unemployed Free Time Filled Up Quickly

So it took about a month. As soon as I quit my job, I started filling up my free time with all of those things I wanted to do but could never find the time for. Now my time feels like it’s filling up again and I wish there was more to spare.

I had to stop and come up with a schedule of events and look for what kind of gaps I could anticipate so I’d have time to travel and visit far-flung friends.

Yeah, I know, you wish you had problems like this. But still, I didn’t expect the cram to come so soon.

I’m treading water money-wise. The bank accounts haven’t started to fall yet, in part because I’ve been diving into frugality with a passion (I’m gonna save $1000 a year just by not starting my morning with an espresso drink like the goddamned yuppie I was), in part because some pals took mercy on me and coughed up some long-overdue money they owed me.

I’m spending more time in the kitchen, too. Boy I was spoiled. When I got hungry I used to think “where’ll I go for food” at least as often as I’d think “I wonder what’s in the fridge.” Now I’ve been making my meals again, trying out stuff I could have been doing all along but never seemed to have the energy or motivation to try.

Okay, so I haven’t been exercising more, spending a lot more time with friends and family, or practicing my Spanish diligently every day — but I have been keeping busy on interesting projects, and doing some volunteer work. I say the side effects have been at least somewhat ennobling.