Peace Demands More Effort From Peacemakers, Says Howard Jenkins

On , the Friends’ Intelligencer published an article on “The Outlook for Peace” by Howard M. Jenkins, in which he included the following remarks:

I do not believe that our progress toward the Good can be without our own conscious, intelligent, and persistent endeavor. We do not rise without effort. We do not get forward without the use of our full strength. We shall not shake off the monsters by letting them prey upon us; we shall not be leaving them to perish if we maintain them in vigorous life. We are to exert ourselves in behalf of Good.

I believe that on the whole the Society of Friends in America and in England has fairly endured the trial of its principles in the last two years. We are commended, no doubt, beyond our deserts; we have not maintained so firmly, so faithfully, so consistently, as we should have done, the Divine principle of Truth which gives life and force to all testimony for Peace. If we were tried by the high standards of our profession, we should have, I fear, shortcomings to acknowledge, evasions to admit, compromises to confess. Far be it for me to say or to believe that the Friends have stood as firmly, or have done as much, as they should have done in this time of trial. Our fathers, in a more strenuous day than this, would have suffered in property, or gone to prison, rather than pay as we have done, with our eyes open to their purpose and use, the taxes levied to maintain wars of conquest and aggression.