We’ve Plumbed the Depths of Torture, Why Not the Heights of Outrage?

I’ve been apartment hunting lately, and working with a somewhat crippled computer — those are my best excuses for letting The Picket Line go to weeds over the past several days.

Much of what there has been to report in the news is more of the same — bloody memos continue to spill out of the White House. At this point I feel a bit like the prosecutor in the O.J. trial — all the evidence I need… everything but a conviction.

That Washington hasn’t been razed to the ground by an outraged swarm of patriotic Americans… well it doesn’t exactly surprise me, but of all the surprising, over-the-top, for-the-books things that have been going on, how come none of them have been as bold and heartening as this? Why are only the depths of dreadfulness being plumbed? Why nothing from the other extreme?