Twelve in Philadelphia Declare War Tax Resistance

An Associated Press dispatch from :

12 Refuse to Pay Tax in Philadelphia

Twelve Philadelphia area residents said they will not pay any part of their income tax — not because of the money involved, but because they object to the way the money may be spent.

The tax objectors said they cannot help provide the weapons with which men will destroy other men.

They are taking this stand, they added, in an effort to “challenge our fellow citizens to think seriously about the dangers and evils of the course our nation is now pursuing.”

One of the signers of the statement, Saunders Dixon of suburban Malver, said he and his wife, Barbara, will contribute an equivalent amount to the fellowship of reconciliation, a group reportedly working for world peace.

Saunders Dixon is the founder and president of Thorncroft Equestrian Center, which specializes in horseback riding as therapy for the disabled.