U.S. Conservatives, Fed Up, “Go Galt”

So a few days back I poked some fun at the new fashion among American conservatives of threatening to “go Galt” rather than cough up tax money to be spent by their new liberal overlords. To me it seemed like lots of talk without much evidence that anyone was putting their money where their mouths were.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon.

will be the first year I didn’t have to pay a dime into the federal tax system. I made the decision to stop working and do everything I could to avoid taxes as I don’t support a thing that President Obama is doing. For those that want to fund all his programs… have at it!! I feel blessed that I can afford to drop out. No more funding of illegals, abortions, dead beats, whiners, losers not doers, etc., etc. If more folks would do this, I guess the government programs would just dry up!


Went Galt a long time ago.


Our family did this starting backin the 1990s too. We did not like how the government was spending and what it was supporting. Cheating on your taxes is just stupid but earning less means more time to spend doing what we want rather than working for a pay check. Eventually we stopped working for a pay check and now just do the little amount of freelance work it takes to earn the cash we need. We stay under the poverty line and do not have to pay the government anything. Since we keep our spending very low we do not pay much sales tax either. Since we do not smoke or drink or play the lotto we do not have those taxes and that is really what the lotto is. This leaves us just with real estate taxes which funds our local town. That I can deal with. It took us a few years to get our spending down to the level but it is worth it. Do not support a government you do not support.

Ed Harris-Morgan

I sold my business, moved to Montana, shrugged and have lived comfortably near the poverty [line] since . I have a friend who made seven figures a year and shrugged last year. Gulches are popping up all over this country. Just because it’s not really well known doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Most of us, myself being a bit of an outlier, keep well below the radar.


“Prometheus” expands on this a bit at his blog, and also wrote a “Why I Shrugged” note there .

I went Galt years ago, before I ever read Atlas Shrugged. Going Galt is a form of civil disobedience. It is a conscious decision to make less money and pay less taxes.


My wife and I “went Galt”, . Reduced our income, and cut way back on frivolous stuff, which reduced our taxes paid to The Man. We got out of NY state almost 2 years ago, now, and the Dems and some RINO’s want the rest of America to look like western NY. Obama and his minions haven’t earned my support, thank you very much. Starve the Porkulus Beast!!!


My wife and I have just completed all the research, paperwork and negotiations needed to open a small business that would employ myself and 6 others. We are now hitting the pause button until the idiot in charge is either out of the way or nullified by a rational congress that might be elected in the future.


I think the general idea should be to reduce one’s footprint as much as possible, become as self sufficient as you possibly can and when you can’t, barter or trade or pay cash. I’m working on a design for a wind turbine that will meet the requirements of local code enforcement. Every penny of electricity I produce myself is one less that can be seized and given to whoever is the most incompetent this week. Grow your own veggies, brew your own beer, increase your withholding exemptions if you have them, stop sending them your hard earned effort wherever you can.


We have “gone Galt” for many years now. But it was not “Atlas Shrugged” that changed it for us. It was a book called “Your Money or Your Life”. We found more important things in life than paying high taxes, employing and supporting others, and earning top dollar in our own business while working ourselves to death. Thirty years ago the ‘libs’ would have applauded us and called us “flower children” or some such other silly thing. Now, all of a sudden, they act like we are spoiled children taking our toys and wanting to go home and not “play” with the others. Seems morals and outcomes have flip-flopped again!

Homestead Farmer

By going John Galt — reducing my income to the point that I no longer subsidize anyone else via government imposed wealth transfers — I hope to hasten the inevitable collapse. … The faster the 40% opts out, the sooner the collapse, and the sooner we can correct the situation. Think of it as praying the alcoholic in your family will hit rock bottom sooner, rather than later. It’s time to stop enabling the entitlement mentality. It’s time to let go of our co-dependency and desire to be liked. It’s time for an intervention. It’s time to go John Galt.


[M]y theological reasons for going John Galt are a little different. First, I feel that socialism violates the ten commandments. And, second, I believe socialism damages charity.


Maybe this will catch fire after all…