Zulus Kill Police Who Arrested Tax Resisters

From the West Coast [New Zealand] Times:

A Police Party Ambushed.
Several Killed in a Fight.

A revolt of a band of Zulus has just begun in Natal. The natives, who are those living near the town of Richmond, lately announced that they would not pay the poll tax imposed on them.

Two of the natives were then arrested. But a band of forty of the Zulus, who were armed, next ambushed a party of the Natal Mounted Police. The ringleader of the natives contemptuously struck Inspector Hunt, head of the troops, in the face with the flat of his assegai. Hunt at once shot his assailant dead.

Then ensued a melee. In it the inspector and a trooper were killed. The natives ultimately compelled the troops to retire. One trooper had to ride for miles with an assegai in his back.

Martial law has now been proclaimed.

A force of carbineers and artillery is being mobilised, and the volunteers have been summoned.

The Transvaal authorities are guarding the borders of Swaziland, owing to the Richmond outbreak.