Picket Line Editor Gets New Room with a View

Things have been thin at The Picket Line lately, I know, but I’ve been busy — I’m finishing off the contract that also finishes off my allowed gainful employment for , and… I’m moving again!

Just I got semi-settled in at my new place in San Francisco. The rent is a little higher than what I’d been paying across the bay, but not so much as to break my budget, and the living situation is much improved.

Nice view, too! As I type this, I’m looking out my bedroom window at a sliver of a crescent moon over a fading sunset. Off to my right, there’s the top of the new de Young Museum sticking up out of Golden Gate Park and looking kind of ridiculous for a museum — more like an Imperial fortress on Endor. Behind that, the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge blinking their “don’t crash into me” lights.

Soon I will be moved in and unemployed and The Picket Line shall thrive again.