Tax Resistance in the Cristero War

A United Press dispatch from mentioned tax resistance as a tactic in the Cristero War (excerpts):

Mexico Quiet After Week of Disorders

Continuance of Boycott Finds Bulk of Population Supporting Church Stand — Troops Guarding Catholic Edifices

Refuse to Pay Taxes

Corespondents touring cities and towns of the interior confirm scanty press reports received throughout the past week regarding killings at Guadalajara, one of the strongholds of Catholicism in Mexico.

It was reported from Penangango [Pénjamo? —♇] in the state of Guanajuato late that citizens there were refusing to pay taxes to the city counsel and had appealed to officials of the League of Religious Defense for support.

A similar condition was reported from the towns of Zamora and Zeapacupa [Zacapu? —♇] in the state of Michoacán.

The continuance of the boycott [by Catholics to protest government anti-clericism], together with attempts to escape the new taxes, is seen by some as possible cause of new disorders, but the government does not consider it likely to cause any general slowing up of business.

Mexican place names are spelled peculiarly throughout this piece (“Gaudalajara,” “Guanajuatro”), so I have corrected as best I can.