War Tax Resistance in Washington D.C. in 1970

What was happening in D.C. around , according to that day’s D.C. Gazette, included:

D.C. War Tax Resistance

People willing to spend time promoting War Tax Resistance in the Washington area are asked to attend a meeting on at St. Mark’s Church, 3rd & A. SE, at The action this group hopes to take will include some or all of the following: promoting telephone tax refusal and finding out how many phone tax refusers there are in the D.C. area; promoting income tax refusal and demonstrating the different ways it can be done and the varying penalties involved; widely publicizing the War Tax Resistance Alternate Fund; leafletting and performing guerrilla theater at shopping centers, drawing attention to the actions outlined above; providing war tax resistance counseling to interested church and civic groups and to individuals; and finally providing support to Jim Shea at his trial and after. It begins . He has been indicted for income tax evasion as the result of claiming all the members of his living group as dependents. He is currently executive director of Washington Area Peace Action. To help, call Judy Lhamon, 546‒8840 or Bill Samuel, 546‒8840 or 546‒6231.

Excerpts from a dispatch as carried in the Syracuse, New York Post-Standard:

Rebellion in China Danger to Americans

Serious Disorders Occur in Szechuan; People Refuse to Pay Taxes.

American Chargé d’Affaires Williams at Peking cabled the State Department that the situation had become critical in Szechuan, where public meetings in various cities, accompanied by the closing of shops and schools and refusal to pay taxes, have culminated in serious disorders. Tax offices have been destroyed, but resistance to the government has in general been passive rather than active.

This rebellion morphed into the Wuchang Uprising a month later.