Taxpayers in Rubi, Catalonia, Refuse to Pay a New War Tax (in 1873)

The edition of the Friends’ Review included this short note:

The taxpayers of Rubi, in Catalonia, have refused to pay the contribution levied on them for putting the fortifications in a state of defence. The authorities have taken measures to compel payment, and threaten to expel all who refuse from their houses, and wall up the doors and windows.

, General Velarde, the commander in Catalonia, resigned his command and fled in the face of a mutiny, so I guess those threats didn’t work too well.

From the Reading Eagle:

N.Y. Auto Levy Stirs Drivers

Storm of Protest Sweeps City as Motorists Face Double License Fee

A major storm of protest swept the city today as nearly a million automobile owners contemplated the almost assured prospect of paying a double license fee on their vehicles.

In several protest meetings the new tax was attacked as “illegal,” “of very doubtful constitutionality[,”] and as “the rawest deal yet.”

The automobile club of New York, after an all day meeting, announced that it would advise its members to refuse to pay the tax, and further that it would challenge the legality of the law as soon as it was officially passed.

Among other organized protests were the New York Real Estate Board, the Citizens’ Budget Commission, the Citizens’ Union, the Institute for Public Service, and the Socialist party.